Upgrading to more efficient streetlights.

PG&E has sent notification that they plan to start changing out the streetlights to LEDs soon.  Customer letters went out last week.  It will not be long now.  The contractor doing the job is Advanced Lighting.  Each lamp will take about 5 minutes to change out.  It will take 4-5 days to get all the street lights in Chester switched over.   The latest information from PG&E is the change out will not occur until August.

The CPUD Board of Directors has opted into a program to improve public lighting.  PG&E will convert streetlights across town from older, high-pressure sodum vapor lightbulbs to state-of-the-art LED lamps.

LED streetlights brighten streets and neighborhoods, providing residents with reliable, clean and affordable energy.  PG&E will convert all the PG&E owned streetlights in Chester.  The conversion is part of an initiative approved by the California Public Utilities Commission to promote safety and energy efficiency in public lighting.  LED streetlights last four times longer than sodium vapor lamps.  Using LED lamps will also reduce greenhouse -gas emissions and require less maintenance.  The optical technology in LED lights creates more evenly distributed light, resulting in greater visibility for pedestrians and drivers alike.

This project once started will take 2-3 weeks to complete.  We expect no effect on parking or traffic.  Contractors will not need access to your property to complete their work.  Residents will be notified of replacement activity occuring in their neighborhood prior to PG&E's arrival.

You can visit www.pge.com/streetlightupgrade if you have additional questions or email (redacted) with any questions.  OR you can call CPUD at 530 258-2171 and ask for Frank, General Manager or Karen, Public Information Officer.