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Guidelines to a Warming Fire

Once burn restrictions are in place it is still possible to have a warming fire in the Chester Fire Prevention District.  The following are suggestions to follow for a safe event.  These guidelines are only for the residences in Chester.

  • The fire must be small.  It is for "warming" or cooking
  • Must have at least 4' of non-combustibles around the fire pit or ring
  • Should be in a nonflammable container or in an indenture in the ground lined with rock
  • This is not for burning debris, pinecones, pine needles or trash
  • There needs to be a water source close by
  • There needs to be an adult in attendance
  • When done the fire needs to be "cold" out.  That means when you touch the coals they are cold
  • If it is a liquid fuel source fire pit, be sure the fuel is turned off when it is unattended
  • This is done on your own property