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The "Camp Fire" that devastated the town of Paradise caused a mass evacuation of thousands of residents.  They had only minutes to leave.  Their worldly possessions consist of whatever they were able to pack into their cars.  

Do you have a plan if this were to happen in Chester?  Here are some thoughts on the subject.

- Prepare a family evacuation list BEFORE you need one, it's to late to be thoughtful when a crisis occurs.

- Arrange your evacuation list in priority order, you might only have time to grab the most important things.

- Every few years, update your photo or video "inventory" of your home and possessions, put that material on a thumb drive and place it in your bank safe deposit box.

- It's a good idea to periodically review and update your insurance coverage as well.

- Know your exit alternatives: some routes may be blocked by flames, accidents, etc.

- Always keep your vehicle  fuel tank at least half full? you don't want to be searching for a gas station

- Have some empty duffle bags available so that you can rapidly stuff essentials into them and toss them in your vehicle.

- Leave early: if in doubt, get out!'s just stuff: the only irreplaceable thing is YOU.