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Lot Inspections

Lot inspections in Chester will begin in May.  Fire Department personnel are trying to help the public be fire safe.  They are trying to encourage the public to practice good clean up principles that will help keep their property and their neighbor's property safer in the event of a fire, particularly a wildland fire.  By kiiping your property fire safe you are alleviating the risk of losing your property due to fire.

Fire Department personnel will be looking for dead or dying trees and brush, pine needles and/or tree limbs on your roof or touching your house.  They will also be looking for pine cones and tall grasses in your yards.  The first 30' around your home should have well spaced and maintained groupings of vegetation that will not lead a fire to your home.  The next 100' should have trees limbed up, bushes trimmed and be debris free.  There is a pamphlet you can pick up at the Fire Station that will explain what is recommended.

The green waste station is open now on Fridays and Saturdays 9:00 to 5:00.  It is located off A-13 just past the transfer station.

The last thing we are looking for are visible house numbers.  The numbers need to be large enough they can be seen from the street day or night.  This will assist our staff to quickly locate your residence.